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Our projects span a wide range of topics, including buildings, business strategy, policy research, publications, software, and sustainability assessment. In addition, we develop our own investment projects, that define the cutting edge of sustainable development.


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Establishing a sustainable timber industry in the Netherlands

Aug 2020

Systemic Transitions to Timber-based Construction

This project realizes a shift in the construction sector towards significant usage of wood as a construction material. By applying a syste…

Urban ReGen-SplashImage.jpg

Integrated action plans for sustainable urban improvement

Jan 2017

Urban regen sustainable cities

The Urban ReGen program delivers redevelopment plans for sustainable cities and neighborhoods, integrating all major sustainability aspects…


Workshops & Workdocuments

Mar 2016

Van het Zuiverste Water

Van het Zuiverste Water (translation: 'From the Purest Water') was a stakeholder trajectory led by Stadsstromen to help the Municipality of…


Visualization of waste water systems around the house

May 2014

MWH Global waste water

This project illustrates examples of domestic waste water use. By showing simple sketches of complex systems, the illustrations create unde…


12 sustainable waste water opportunities.

Dec 2013

Opportunity Map Waste Water

The Opportunity Map Wastewater Processing is a visualisation of the twelve most important sustainable opportunities within wastewater proce…

wastewater chain.jpg

A Vision for Waste Water in the Netherlands 2030

Jul 2012

DNV Waste Water Chains

This project is a visual exploration of the Dutch waste water sector in 2030. It takes a closer look at the role of waste water processing …


The country CO2 free in 2040?

Aug 2010

Netherlands CO2040

What key projects are necessary to make the Netherlands CO2 neutral in 2040? That was the central and massive question put before Except an…