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Our projects span a wide range of topics, including buildings, business strategy, policy research, publications, software, and sustainability assessment. In addition, we develop our own investment projects, that define the cutting edge of sustainable development.


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Visualizing the future

Oct 2018

World Vision 2050

We're facing a great many challenges this century. To face them effectively, we benefit from concrete, visual perspectives of what our wor…


How autonomous driving benefits sustainable urban society

Mar 2017

The Self-driving City

Self-driving vehicles will change the urban environment drastically. The Self-driving City Research uncovers insights into the major change…


New strategies from 11 exemplary settlements

Jan 2015

Sustainable Urban Districts - WWF

This project arose from the joint desire of WWF and Lafarge to contribute original research to move the construction sector towards a susta…


Role of urbanites in the food system

Mar 2014

Food for the Urbanite

This research project investigates how the city dweller influences the food system. It investigates new disruptive developments, and propos…