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Our projects span a wide range of topics, including buildings, business strategy, policy research, publications, software, and sustainability assessment. In addition, we develop our own investment projects, that define the cutting edge of sustainable development.


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EISAP Cover image industrial.jpg

Europe’s most ambitious and sustainable industrial agro-park

Dec 2021

Estonian Industrial Symbiosis Agro-Park (EISAP)

EISAP promises to be home to Europe's most innovative, circular, and sustainable agro-park. The concept centers around a 1500 ha regenerati…

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The world's first fully self-sustainable city blueprint

Jul 2021

Orchid City

Orchid City is the world's first future-proof and fully self-sustainable city, using proven practices to build communities for up to 50,000…


Reimagining the Use of a monumental prison complex

Mar 2021

Loup: the Square of Spaces

The Loup project addresses the redevelopment of the Wolvenplein Penitentiary, a former prison complex built in the mid-1800s beside one of …

Hangang Green Jade - UNStudio - Google Chrome 06_10_2020 16_31_19.jpg

Masterplan turns a polluted industrial area into a city of the future

Feb 2021

Hangang Green Jade

The Hangang Green Jade masterplan transforms a polluted industrial area into a green, vibrant city. By combining nature, technology and cul…

19-R007_De Ster_VO schets oost .jpg

A parking space transformation in the city center of Roosendaal

Feb 2021

Climate-Adaptive Urban Garden

Together with the municipality of Roosendaal we designed a climate-adaptive garden in the center of the city, "Stadstuin van Hasselt". The …


A transformation to a climate adaptive and enjoyable green city center

Sep 2020

Future-proof city of Roosendaal

During Spring of 2019 the municipality of Roosendaal, the Netherlands, took the initiative to develop “Action Plan Future-proof Citycenter …


Medieval castle innovates a new future

Apr 2019

The future of Sterkenburg

Historic sites struggle to find business models that protect and optimize their cultural heritage in a rapidly changing world. The owners o…

ReGen Villages

Masterplan for a self sustaining neighborhood

Jul 2018

ReGen Villages Oosterwold

ReGen Villages is a one-of-a-kind master plan for a self-sustained housing neighborhood of 203 houses in the Netherlands. Located in Ooster…


World Heritage Center @ Lauwersoog/Wadden Sea

Jan 2018

Waddenworld: UNESCO Experience Center

Except Integrated Sustainability, along with our partners at the municipality of De Marne, Groningen province, Staatsbosbeheer, and the Pie…