For over two decades, our work has contributed to groundbreaking advancements in sustainability for a range of areas, including buildings, cities, industry, agriculture, business strategy, policy, and tools. With profits earned on our services, we invest in projects that define the cutting edge of sustainable development, such as Orchid City, UCo, and Polydome.

On this page you find some project highlights, as well as an archive of detailed project documentation going back to 1999.


Recent Projects

Project Archive

1999 2010 2022

A vision, strategy & roadmap to fully circular and energy-neutral operations

Dec 2020

Heineken: 100% Circular

Sustainability, health, and happiness are increasingly demanded by consumers, particularly by the younger generations, and Heineken is at t…

IKEA Self_Learning_Supply_chain catalogue.jpg

Changing the world's print industry

Aug 2017

Revolution of the IKEA Paper Supply-Chain

For Inter-IKEA, we boosted the sustainability of the world's entire paper supply chain, using IKEA's catalog and one innovative big data to…


Intuitive Dashboards Enable Sustainable Decision Making

May 2017

IKEA Catalogue Supply Chain Dashboards

With more than 200 million copies printed each year, the IKEA Catalogue Supply Chain Dashboards helps to address the sustainability of the …


Interactive Story Telling Tools Promote Stakeholder Engagement

May 2017

IKEA Catalogue Story of Print

IKEA Media Production engaged Except to showcase the sustainability achievements and ambitions of its 200-million-copy catalog. Together we…


Bringing Natural Capital into the boardroom

Dec 2016

Natural Capital means Business

Natural Capital, whether recognized or not, plays a crucial role in our economy. To help clarify the relationship between economic activiti…


Data-ecosystem concept for the Marine Stewardship Council

May 2016

MSC Datahub

In collaboration with the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), Except developed a new data management program to develop thousands of sustaina…


Improving online resources for natural capital

Sep 2015

Atlas Natural Capital

The Dutch online Natural Capital Atlas offers hundreds of maps that portray ecosystem services in the Netherlands. The Ministry of Infrastr…


Supporting the proliferation of renewables

Dec 2013

Infographic: Wind power and the Economy

For Eneco Wind, we visualized the local impacts of wind turbine development in a visual infographic. The graphic is used by Eneco Wind in c…


System modeling and simulation software

Jan 2013


Symoto is an online software application that enables the development, simulation, and monitoring of large-scale material and energy cycles…